Team Full of Scents

September Monthly Newsletter

Bring on the FALL!

Hey Team! I am so sorry I have not sent out a newsletter! Getting on a schedule has been a challenge since moving back to Washington but I have finally adapted one and I hope it sticks!

I want to let each of you know that this month has blown our stats out of the water! I am so proud of each of you who have put in orders this month and are really working the FALL/WINTER catalog!

What are your thoughts about the new website? It is so different! I definitely have to say I like change! Change is good!

This newsletter will have stats along with some helpful tips for this month and the next to follow!

My best advice is to keep it simple this month and every month to follow. Sometimes we over analyze and over complicate everything we are doing to try to grow our business, when really it is just as simple as opening our mouths and telling people about Scentsy.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Always believe in yourself that you

can accomplish anything you set out to do! One of my favorite quotes is

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right" -Henry Ford

Scentsy is an amazing blessing for all of us. We are a family that helps and lifts each other. Take care of each other! Your team, your group, your directors! They all make

our business. A positive attitude is one of the greatest assets we can have in building our business. “One’s attitude determines one’s altitude”

Lastly, but certainly not least:

Please contact your upline(s) when you have questions and concerns. We would LOVE to assist you! Even though there are a lot of resources available in Scentsy, you are NOT expected to know everything and it is NOT a weakness to ask questions! Sometimes it takes that human interaction and doing stuff with a buddy, especially at first until you get comfortable. Let us share what has worked for others and ourselves, and brainstorm with you to find ideas you are excited about if you are not making the money you would like to yet in your Scentsy business.

Thank you for all that you do!


Top Sales for September 2013


Hanna Landis $1200
Maria De La Rosa
Jessica Hamilton $686.00
Janelle De Clair $594.00
Amber Brzuchalski $467.00
Yvetter Spencer $422.00
Yesenia Flores $266.50
Krystal Salgado $246.00

*BOLD PRV over $500 or more!


Congratulations to those that have promoted!!

Allie Szalay-Brooks Certified
Yvetter Spencer Certified
Janelle DeClair Certified

Enjoy that pay raise!! And keep working to the top!

GOAL this month!

This months goal!! There are three goals this month to hit the individual who hits this goal will receive $100 in product for there business!!!

1. $1,000 in sales
2. Sponsor 1 consultant
3. Certify 1 consultant

Contact info!

Are you active in our team page? If not get active! :) I love when we are mingling and sharing new discoveries about Scentsy and how to work your business!