Highlights of the Week

March 18, 2016

On the Go!

Our exciting unit on Transportation is in high gear! This week we’ve been focusing on cars. Here are some of the highlights and a request.

- License Plate Rubbings: PP taped vintage license plates onto our table and then covered with them construction paper. They then rubbed crayons on top of the paper and like magic, the numbers, letters, and dates (1980!) appeared.

- Parking Lot Field Trip: PP carefully walked onto the parking lot and found Mrs. Tobin’s and Mrs. Sears cars. We popped open the hood of Mrs. Tobin’s car. PP checked the oil with the dip stick, checked the windshield washer fluid, and discovered where the battery was (just like toys at home!). Everyone went WHOA! When Mrs. Sears opened her convertible top. Our field trip also included counting wheels; noting 2 door and 4 door cars, and examining numbers and letters on license plates. Afterwards PP drew their own imaginative cars inside and then recorded stories about their work.

- Cardboard Box Cars: Thanks to Mr. Luna for saving us some large cardboard boxes! We’ve transformed them into cars and delight in driving away together.

- Race Car Driver: PP was thrilled when Riley's dad, Mr. Hendricks, came in this week to tell us all about race car and back road driving. He and Riley showed us his protective suit, helmet, medal and trophy, and even a poster of his race car! We even watch a video of his back road cars racing across the fields. If you want to see it too, go to http://drivenexperiences.com/

- Leprechaun Found! In the hallway on Saint Patrick's day, PP was surprised to see a trail of shamrocks leading into the Media lab. Carefully following the track and scent they were amazed to find the tricky leprechaun with a pot of gold filled with gummy bears! A fun treat to take home and enjoy.

Request: As you drive to and from CHS, please take time to observe and talk with your child about things you see along the way. Next week Preprimary will be making their own maps of how they get to school.