Spider Monkey

By: Thomas Farley

Describe the animal?

Different types of spider monkeys may have brown, reddish, or tan fur. Spider monkeys sometimes hang upside down by grasping a branch with all four long, slender limbs and tail. Their name comes from this position, in which the monkeys can resemble huge spiders.

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Where is its main habitat?

They inhabit in tropical forests from central Mexico to Central Bolivia. They were in the Amazon Basin until they were hunted to extinction from there.
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What is its main diet?

Spider monkeys like to eat fruits, seeds, and other plant material.
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What predators do these monkeys have?

These monkeys aren’t prey for any animal in their habitat, however, they are hunted by us people.
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Average size of the species?

Adults weigh from 10 to 19 pounds and grow almost 2 feet long, not including the tail. A spider monkey's hands have four long fingers and an extremely small thumb.
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