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Villa rental Ibiza: Traveling with Kids

Ibiza or the Party Island in the Balearics, Spain is justly famous for its glamor, non-stop entertainment, clubs, pubs and music. There are also plenty of casinos, world-class golf courses and beaches. However, if you're traveling with kids especially very young ones, it's good to know that there's more to Ibiza than just the party scene!A villa rental here is probably one of the best options especially when you're with a large group.

If you are with friends who also have kids of similar ages, half your battle is won. Another great tip is to travel around May-June during the off-season here so that you get the best discounts on villa rentals – some research and digging can get you up to 30% off in fabulous deals on semi-luxury villas with some extras thrown in.Ibiza is meant for real fun in the sun – so take full advantage of the dozens of gorgeous beaches that dot this Mediterranean seaboard. It's a good idea to pick Blue Flag beaches though things may be a little more expensive here, but they're unbeatable for cleanliness, safety and hygiene, quality restaurants and food, plus lots of features like kids play areas and parks too.

These beaches can get crowded so getting there early enough can ensure that you get enough space for your kids and yourself. Generally the Mediterranean is calm and serene with shallow waters at the coast, making it safe for the kids to play in. Stay away from too much sun. Always ensure that your kids wear shady sun-hats and don't go too far into the water at the beach. Older kids can avail of water-sports, canoeing, wind-surfing, sailing etc.

Food can be a huge issue with kids. A villa rental ensures that your kids get what they like, but Ibiza has plenty of good restaurants, both high-end and budget, with kids' menus too, ranging from mini-burgers and pizzas to local seafood, desserts, sweets and baked goods. Ensure that the place is clean and that you drink bottled water.Get lots of help! If your villa offers baby-sitting services, ensure that the staff is helpful, friendly and reliable. Laundry, house-keeping, chef and chauffeur are some of the services you could avail of so that you're free to spend quality time with your kids.

When you're in the mood for some partying, ensure that your baby-sitter takes care of the kids. There are plenty of good concierge services here that offer great service. Shopping and sightseeing may not be much fun for small kids, so ensure that you either take a nanny along or let the kids remain in the villa where they can play or work on some craft or activities. Enrolling them in kids' cookery and art/music classes is also a great idea. Finally, remember it's as much the kids' vacation as yours – keeping them happy and relaxed ensures that you have a dream holiday too!

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