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Locomotion,I would give it 4 out of 5 stars

You should read this book because it is very interesting.It is very interesting because the story is well written and the characters are very relatable.

My favorite chapter is were they had a family and friends.They also get a chance to get together and have a good time and get a chance to play games.

The Disastrous Fire

Yesterday at 5:00 pm on President Street there was a fire inside an apartment ,because of its bad wirering. In the apartment,two people died in the fire it was a terrible fire for the loved ones and family.There are the survivors parents.The survivors are Lilli and Lonnie motion.

The window frames were black from the fire.There was glass everywhere.We hear people screaming and crying.There were firemen wearing oxygen masks running in and out of the building.

The results were that the family's were harmed and were in pain and had to go to the Hospital.

Picture caption: There was a fire in the apartment.

Picture caption:The book is a really good book.