Costa Rica


5 Facts about costa rica

  • There are 800 miles of coastline, both on the Atlantic and Pacific.
  • There are over 130 species of fish, 220 of reptiles, 1,000 butterflies (10% of the world’s butterflys are in Costa Rica!), 9,000 plants, 20,000 species of spiders and 34,000 species of insects!
  • They claim a 96% literacy rate. In very poor and rural areas, where children can’t get to schools, they teach classes over a national radio station.
  • Often times milk is sold in a little plastic bag, and you have to cut the edge with scissors to open it, which often results in inexperienced gringos covered in milk and putting water on their cereal.
  • Costa Rica is the longest-standing democracy in Central America.
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Gallo Pinto

hearty meal made up of rice mixed with black beans, all served up alongside sour cream, scrambled eggs and fried plantain.