sheep brains stuffed in snapper


Do you want fresh fish on the B.B.Q, with sheep brains stuffed in it. I promise you , that it will be yum.


1 whole snapper

2 sheep brains

100 grams herbs/spices

400 grams, salt



tin foil

scaling knife



1. Now, turn the B.B.Q on and pre heat it to 200 degrease.

2.Next, get the tin foil out and roll out 60 cm. wrap around the fish and make sure that you can not see the fish at all, and that no air can get to the fish.

3.Put the fish on the B.B.Q at 200 degrease.

4.After 30 minutes take the fish of the e B.B.Q and check if the fish is ready by stabbing it with a knife . pull it out then feel and see if it burns you so that you have a blister.

5.When ready, stuff the fish with sheep brains

6.Once on a plate add salt and raw herbs and spices

Invite your friends over for dinner and it will be YUM.i hope that your fish has turned out how you wanted it to thank you.