The 6 Areas of Technology: Power

By Wilson Seltzer and Matthew Selby Period 7 Mr. Shoemaker

What is Technology?

Technology is anything that is made by the human race. This means, textbooks, laptops, footballs , books, clocks, keyboards and a whole lot more, is versions of technology. Technology takes many forms, mostly the 6 Areas of Technology. This includes Communication, Power and Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, Biotechnology and Construction. Me and my friend Matthew will explain what the areas of technology. Today we will explain what Power and Energy is.

What is Power and Energy?

Power and Energy, powers up and stores everything important in our busy modern world. We need power and energy to make the lights glow, have a working computer, phone operation, printing, and lot's more. We store energy in items like batteries. Which are used for cars, video game consoles and controllers, remotes and more. This is what Power and Energy are.

How are all the areas linked together?

This will show how all of the areas of technology are related to Power and Energy. I am going to use, a battery as an example for Power and Energy. This will relate to other areas by...