By: Bella Spagnoletti


Being mean can seem to be the only way. But being nice helps keep people going.

"Do you see that group of bushes" uncle said pointing. You need only to walk as far as those bushes."

Salva has been walking for a long time with other refuges. His uncle encouraged him to keep walking instead of leaving him to die.

"Salva would talk to them encourage them, coax and persuade them. Once in a while he had to speak sternly or even shout.But he did not want to do this to often."

Salva showed compassion for the boys and helped them, like is uncle had helped him. He was a leader that showed compassion and strength,an didn't let them die.

"More than 12 hundred boys arrived safely it took them a year and a 1/2."

Salva lead the boys all to safety even though some did not want to cooperate. He used some leadership skills his uncle showed and successfully lead the boys to safety.