Create a Blended Learning Classroom


If you have ever thought of flipping your classroom, or creating a more blended learning environment (part online and part face to face) Edmodo is a great option to explore!

Edmodo is a safe online learning environment that is a cross between Facebook and Moodle. Teachers go to Edmodo.com and sign up for a free account . Once signed up teachers can create groups/classes and create notes, alerts, assignments, quizzes or polls for their students to participate it. No email is needed for students to sign up! Students can work to earn badges. Badges can be teachers created or get them through other teachers on Edmodo. A parent code is also generated so parents can see assignments and read messages that are posted for them. There is even an app for it so students can use BYOD as well as school technology options. Another nice feature of Edmodo is that it can be linked to your google drive to make attaching files very simple.

To get started:

  1. Create a teacher account (see your ITS to get a code for your campus so you class will be connected with RRISD).
  2. Create a group. This can be one large groups for all your classes to join, or groups based on class periods.
  3. Give students the code to join the group. Remember not to post this code in a public place as anyone with the code can enroll in your class!
  4. Inside your group(s) you can post messages for discussions, alerts, assignments, polls, or create quizzes.

Try it out at: http://www.edmodo.com

Join the RRISD Middle School teachers groups to see what it looks like from a student prespective. Code is: 1c8h4s.

Edmodo at a glance

How Edmodo Is Being Used In RRISD

Here are a few ideas to help you get started thinking how Edmodo could be used in your classroom:

  • At Ridgeview - 8th grade ELA teachers are running their current Class novel - The Hunger Games - through Edmodo. Students log in to answer questions about the book, participate in polls and to ask each other questions.
  • At Chisholm Trail - "Mr. Nishiya, CTMS Spanish teacher, has been using Edmodo to communicate with students , give assignments, quizzes , introduce new technology resources, and give instant polling."
  • At Canyon Vista - An 8th Grade ELA teacher is using it to give assignments and quizzes. She is also starting to network with other people through this tool. I love it to get ideas about curriculum and sometimes problem solving. The kids really like the Facebook appearance.
  • At Cedar Valley - Ms. Settemeyer recently began using it in her 6th grade ELA classes. " I post "quizzes" (short questions about my literature circles that the students have to answer) as well as using it as a forum for discussion for other activities. I spent about 1/2 of my class period the Wed after elections getting my students set up on it and posted a poll asking if they were old enough to vote who would they have voted for. I did that because the conversations were all revolving around the elections anyways so I figured I would give them a chance to vote themselves. I eventually plan on using it for posting assignments and other online tests/quizzes that they can do to save on some paper. Whenever I post things electronically I typically give 2-3 days for the students to do it so that if anyone doesn't have a computer at home they can access one at school to do their assignment."

Other Ideas for Using Edmodo

  1. Discuss an Event Live - assign a show to watch or an event to attend outside of class and have students talk about their opinions and ideas in real time.
  2. Field Trips - if students have cell phones they can download the Edmodo App and answer questions about the field trip and communicate with the teacher as they go. Students can work in groups when not everyone has their own device.
  3. Connect Classrooms - find a classroom on campus, across the district, or across the world to connect with through Edmodo.
  4. Substitutes - make a sub account and when you are out you can post responses to kid questions and interact throughout the day with the substitute.
  5. Gather Feedback - ask the students for their thoughts and opinions about the classroom and the different assignments. Edmodo asks students to choose an emoticon when submitting assignments so you can gage the perceptions of the students concerning the assignments.

Edmodo for Social Studies
Edmodo for Language Arts
Edmodo for Science