Family Engagement

January Newsletter

A Fresh Start

The new year always provides an opportunity to begin again. It's a blank slate allowing for fresh pursuits in any direction we choose! How exciting! Parents and students alike can enjoy the newness of 2021 and the opportunities to make this the best year yet!

A Quick View of the School Calendar

Don't forget that the end of the first semester isn't until January 15th this year. Students who have final exams will take those on the 14th or 15th of this month. If you are a virtual student who would like to transition back to traditional school for the second semester, be sure to contact your school counselor as soon as possible. Second-semester classes will start on Tuesday, January 19th.

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PEP Talks ~ a FRESH Take on Family Engagement

The pandemic has forced schools to rethink how they are able to meet the needs of the families of our students. We have embraced this challenge and look forward to presenting a new approach to Family Engagement and Parent Education!! We are excited to introduce our PEP Talk Programs, which will begin on January 26th. These will be short, 15-minute virtual episodes that address the needs stated by our parents in surveys sent out this year. We will be covering high-interest parenting topics such as student motivation, low self-esteem, and understanding child anxiety. We can hardly wait to get started! Stay tuned for more information soon.

PEP Talk, Episode 1: It Takes a Village

PEP Talk, Episode 2: Boosting Self Esteem through Goals and Vision

What else do you want to learn about? Let us Know!!

We have sessions scheduled to talk about childhood anxiety and understanding our children's emotions, including anger and depression. We'll also talk about social media, screen time, and dangerous behaviors at the start of next year. But we want to hear from YOU about specific questions, concerns, or additional topics that you are interested in! All input will be completely confidential. Please call or email us with any thoughts and ideas! 256-927-1734 Suzannah Yoder: or Laura Browder: