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December 2014

Things to try at home

K-2 students - Sight word practice

If you have access to an apple device (iPad, iPhone) you might try out sight words ninja. You can select the level of difficulty and even what words you want to play. You can select how long you want the game to last and also random playback. The child is to chop the sight word that it says aloud. It is FREE!!!

FREE ebooks

You don't have to have a device to read these. You can read them on your computer.

Follett Shelf (Grades 2-6)

To access these tiltes your child will need to login to Destiny. He/She can do that from the library page. Once there click on "Destiny" at the top. Next click "login" at the top on the right hand side. Students login is the same as their Chromebook login at school. Once you have logged on then you will want to click on Follett Shelf at the top.

We Give Books (Grades Pre-K - 5th)

On the black tool bar at the top click "Read". All of the titles will then come up and allow you to sort them if you wish by age, genre, etc. Please note that these books are not audio books but they do include some popular books and have some great titles available. Several of the titles are free however some do require a login which is for paying costumers.

Storyline Online (Grades Pre-K - 3)

These books are read aloud to the reader/viewer. They are done well and with fabulous titles. Too tired to read aloud one evening? Try this!

Helpful Tip...

How to change the reading level of your Google search.

Step 1: Search for the topic on Google (ex: Penguins)

Step 2: Under the search by web, images, news, etc. Click on "search tools"

Step 3: Right under it should now say anytime, and reading level - click "reading level"

Step 4: Your Google search results will refresh and you will be able to select from a choice menu on difficulty of the text.

Step 5: Click "basic" to limit the results to text students will be able to understand better.

Read the Book - Watch the Movie

Read Polar Express (celebrating it's 25th anniversary) and then watch the movie. If you have a copy of the book or can check one out from the library then I highly recommend listening to it. You can hear it being read by Liam Neeson on YouTube. The kids will enjoy it and that is another great way to get in 15 minutes of home reading!

Other fun things...

What is Happening in The Library?

The students have been learning how to locate things in the library...

Headstart / Preschool students

These students have started to visit the library on a weekly basis and are learning about appropriate behaviors in the library and how they can be a book lover!

Kindergarten students

Instead choosing a book from a small selection that has been laid out for them they are now using a shelf marker to select their own book for checkout.

1st and 2nd grade students

Are learning that there is a call number on every book - it is like the address of the book in our library. They are learning how to alphabetize and that books are organized by the author's last name.

3rd - 6th grade students

Our library does use the Dewey Decimal system created by Melvil Dewey. Students that already know how to use the OPAC /catalog system have been going on scavenger hunts in the library. They are looking to find specific titles, call numbers, biographies, books by a particular author etc.

Don't forget you can get 20 % off Mark Twain and KC3 Book Club books at KD's Books in downtown Lee's Summit

The Battle of the Books

In March, the 4th - 6th grade students who have read all 12 Mark Twain Nominees (in picure) plus four additional titles including: Deep and Dark and Dangerous, Out of My Mind, The Lightning Thief, and Zach's Lie will get to participate. These students will vote and help decide which book is the BEST! This is a HUGE challenge... 16 books in 16 weeks (unless they have already read some of the titles). I am excited to hear of those students who have already gotten started!

Free Little Library

Still seeking... if anyone would like to help out

A Little Free Library is a library that can be accessed at any hour of the day and year round. I just know our students would enjoy coming up to the school to grab a book to read. Plus, it is free. The library will have books and those who want to get a new book just replace the book they are taking with a book that they no longer want. This makes it so the books are always changing but the same amount of books remain in the Little Free Library. The picture is just an example of one - it does not need to look the same. If you are interested in building one for our school and community please contact me (info at the bottom).

Picture from: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Little_Free_Library,_Easthampton_MA.jpg

Questions or Suggestions?

Please feel free to contact me!

email: erin.simons@lsr7.net

CCE: (816) 986-1268

WVE: (816) 986-1358