Katie Couric

Before and after Career

Quick facts

  • Full name Katherine Ann Couric
  • Born 07 January 1957
  • Born in Arlington, Virginia
  • 4 siblings
  • She has raised thousands of dollars to the foundation that supports the cancer awareness of colon cancer that claimed her husband when he was only 42

How she became a journalist

Katie started working as a desk assistant at ABC. After she was offered a job at CNN to be a reporter for the next seven years. Then was offered a job at NBC to become there white house corespondent. Then she began to substitute for their regular anchor Deborah Norville there morning new show. Soon after she replaced Deborah, "Today became one of the most watched tv shows watched. Then after 15 years she was offered a job at CBS to become an anchor for the show Evening show with Katie Couric. During that show she became the first woman to fly solo as an anchor for the evening news. And now works for Yahoo as she interviews several people online.

What she is remembered for

Katie Couric is known and remembered for many things but the things everyone will remember her for is her ambition when it came to how she presented herself after her husband died. As she took care of her children as a single mom and raised money for the colon cancer foundation that fights for a cure for the disease that took her husbands life.

What she brings to journalism

Katie brought spunk and elegance to journalism by the way she represented journalism with her work as a talk show host, a correspondent, and everything she has done she did through her career she did with elegance.

Katies views on American nurses

She brought in a Carolyn Jones who has gone through chemo therapy and wrote a documentary on nurses as she questioned her on her view about how nurses were treated and how hard they work at there specific jobs but not appreciated for what they do. She and Carolyn believe that they should be treated better and that is why she is writing this documentary.

Biography of Katie Couric

Katherine Ann Couric was born on January 7th 1957 she was born to Elinor Tullie and father John Martin Couric, She was born in Arlington, Virginia. She went Yorktown high school from 1971 to 1975 and majored in English At the university of Virginia from 1975 to 1979. She had her first job at ABC as a desk assistant then was offered a job as a reporter at CNN. She then married her husband John Paul Monahan in 1988. Her career kicked off as she was getting job offers left and right she then became the first women in america to fly solo on an evening show. Katie gave birth to beautiful girls Ellie the oldest and Carrie the youngest. When girls were 21, and 16 they father died of colon cancer in 1998 witch devastated the girls and Katie as well. Soon after her husbands death she set out to raise thousands of dollars to raise awareness for the cancer that took her husband at 42 years of age. She was married to John Molner April of 2012 after two years of dating. After all the acheivments that Katie has accomplished she says the best one was being able to keep her spirit alive after her husband died she said she did it for the girls.

one word to describe Katie Couric

The one word i would use to describe Katie is a pioneer because she is doing things women have never done or thought of doing before.

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