Blackey's 95 Reasons Why

95 Reasons Why School Is Awful


No phone policy

school is way to long

Not enough days off

The lack of effort that some of the teachers give

Teachers and Principles pick favorites

It Causes Stress

We only get one restroom pass a term

Way too much homework

Terrible fat free food

We have to wake up early

Forced to take classes that spark our interest

Short lunches

Its dirty

Annoying people

These stupid computers


Budget cuts

The temperature of the school

We cant listen to music




We have to pay for a parking spot

You cant socialize when you want to

Google classroom

The classes aren't outside during the summer

Heavy backpacks

The desks are uncomfortable



Bus rides are terrible

passing time is way to short

We have to live at home

The dances

Its boring

Foregn language classes

Not enough time with family

pep rally

forced to read in class

you don't get voice you opinion


Group work

We don thave all of our classes with are freinds

Football players should get to skip school on gamedays

You cant bring you pets

We cant bring are own medicine

Pop quizez

We cant answer the phone if its are parents

We have to buy school supplies

We have to pay for are lunches

you smell after gym class

dress code

earthquake drills

We keep the bad teachers and get rid of the good ones

we learn about useless things

School fights

Its dangerous

Its gross




Movie wright ups

summer reading


teachers pets

And Its Just Plain stupid