13.3 Social Area Analysis

The three models together in the U.S

The cluster of Social Area Analysis shows that different items, homes, locations, etc. are more popular in different parts which is very good to know for stores that are looking to build there so rhey know what is popular for the specific area

Different locations with different amounts of analysis are shown above

Defintion of Social Area Analysis

Social area analysis essentially involves a statistical procedure to identify from a sometimes quite large database of socio-economic data the most salient underlying variables. Very often most of the variance in a group of dozens of variables can be accounted for by three or four dimensions.

    Social analysis is the practice of systematically examining a social problem, issue or trend, often with the aim of prompting changes in the situation being analyzed.

Complexity Science :12 Social Network Analysis

An Article on Social Area Analysis

There is an acknowledged need for better information to guide resource allocation and service planning in the health services. Despite the recognition of the important role of socioeconomic factors, difficulties with the appropriate presentation of daya have so far proved insuperable. Social area analysis (SAA), which is a generic name for a number of methods employing census and other data to classify small areas into similar socioeconomic groups, is an approach which quantifies data in a useful fashion and has important applications in medical, epidemiological and health services research. Most previous British exercises in SAA have been in the field of town planning. The potentialities of the approach for community medicine are evaluated, by the use of information from two existing studies. This is shown to discriminate more effectively than does existing health information between hypotheses concerning geographical variations in mortality, and it provides adequate explanations for urban area differentials in infant mortality, the uptake of vaccination, and the incidence of infectious disease. Specific applications of SAA in health planning and research are discussed.