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What are rainforests?

A Rainforest is a forest with a warm climate and tall trees.

why are rainforests / trees important in our life?

Trees are important because trees give us oxygen . Trees are homes to some animals.

why are trees important to the world?

Rain forest are important because they save us from floods and drought, they are a type of a food and medicine.. Trees are important to the world because the clean our soil.

why are rainforests important to our world?

rainforests help stabilize the world's climate and it maintains the world's water cycle.

how many acres of rainforest is being removed every hour?

6000 acres of rainforests are being destroyed ( about 400 football fields)

why do people destroy rainforests?

People destroy rainforests because for the wood in rainforest to make stuff and for the land which the rainforest is taking

Do rainforests effect animals?

If there were no rainforests animals would not have a home. If we destroy rainforests then animals living there will be extinct or be endangered .

What animals are in the rainforest?

Rainforest have spider ,jaguars , snakes, beetles, bees ,butterflies and more
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