2 ingredients sponge cake

2 ingredients sponge cake - Ice cream sponge cake

This cake only has 2 ingredients, and you do not have to mix it, it simply mixes. Aside it is very easy to remember, even children can do it.

What is it leading? Only melted ice cream and leavening flour, nothing more.

It is ideal, also if the ice cream melted, or is about to expire and you want to take advantage of it. I used a very inexpensive vanilla ice cream, but the richer the ice cream, the richer the cake will be, but I was sorry to spend more to use it only to do this.

So what can be done is to reinforce the flavor with something you like, vanilla essence, lemon peel, or orange peel, add chocolate chips. but that's up to you. I only put the ice cream and the leavening flour, it was great!

You have to pay attention, because ice cream is in grams. Be careful, because in ice cream containers, it is usually given in volume capacity, so you have to weigh it to know well, it does not matter if it is creamy or melted to weigh it.

Maybe we should try ice cream without sugar for diabetics too to see how it is, or to make it light. If you try it, will you tell me?

When I told you how easy it is to remember, it is because 1 part of the flour comes with 2 ice cream.

The leavening flour, Blancaflor, etc. , is the one that has chemical leaven incorporated, look at the package. If you do not get it, or you do not realize, you can prepare it at home by following us “online cake shop in kota” at Cake-delivery.in


· 200 gm of flour with yeast incorporated - leavening flour 400 gm of creamy ice cream, of the flavor that you like

· Let the ice cream melt

· Then add the flour, which you can sift

· and blends without beating

· Place in a greased and floured mold, or lined with paper.

· Cook at 180º for 40 minutes, control your oven