World Vision Australia

Helping those in Need

How we help

We provide help by giving people in poverty supplies so they can live a normal life, it also means that they can have self suffinency. We also provide relief in an emergency. If there is an emergency we help by calming down and help the person that is in an emergency need.

How you can help online

You can help by donating money even just donate $10. Imagine if the whole of Australia donated just $10 - WOW! You can also help by telling your friends and family word of mouth about World Vision Australia.

Our latest project

Our latest project was a Food-for-Work project. We helped by giving food to the residents in Niger so they can stay as a normal family and a community and get food without having to work all day.

Interesting facts

  • We have helped over 20 million people that are in poverty
  • We are the largest charitible group.
  • 400,000 people help World Vision Australia every year.
  • Tim Costello has been part of World Vision Australia since 2004