Lavone Louise Scott Ledbetter

My Great-Grandmother

Lavone's Childhood

My Great-Grandmother, Lavone Louise Scott Ledbetter, was born July 5, 1924, to Everett Hornibrook Scott and Louise Catherine Hansen Scott. She was born in the small town of Calumet, Iowa. At the age of three, Lavone's parents decided to move their whole family which consisted her brothers, Edward and Lawrence, and herself, to the coast of Mississippi. Times were tough for both Lavone's family and her father's family living in Mississippi, so they decided to join together and live in one house.
Lavone's parents had marital problems. When she was 13, her father started seeing another married woman, that was a friend of her mother and father. Her father made her be the messenger between him and his new mistress. Her job was to make sure that the letters written by her father to the woman were delivered to the mailbox and the ones from the woman to him we safely to him without her mother finding out. When her mother did find out, she and Lavone stopped delivering all the letters and started reading them for themselves.
When Lavone was 16, her father left her family for the other woman. Her mother knew that the family would not have a good life in Mississippi having to help raise her family of now six children with not a large cash flow. So her mother made the decision to send Lavone to California to find a steady job and house for the family to soon join her in.

What evets took place during Lavone's childhood

In 1927 the first "talking" movie comes out.
In 1927, Lindbergh made the first solo flight to Europe.
In 1929-39 the Great Depression struck many Americans.
In 1932, Lindbergh son was kidnapped and killed.
In 1937, Amelia Earhart went missing after trying to complete a flight a flight around the world.

Lavone's Young Adulthood

In California, Lavone got a job at Douglas Aircraft as a riveter, much like the popular "Rosie the Riveter". After about two months her mother and siblings moved out to California to join her. They then purchased a large house in Fullerton. She got her only sister, LaDoris, a job as a riveter as well. Lavone became more high up in the rankings of Douglas and began to train others how to do the job.
Unfortunately, Lavone become extremely ill with an unknown illness. For six months Lavone was bedridden until she became better. doctors could not figure out what the problem with her was wrong with her, but they feared that it was tuberculous. Her family thought that she was gonna die. Eventually she did get better and made a full recovery.
After Lavone recuperated, she spend six months visiting her father in Mississippi. When she arrived home, she discovered her family was gone. She found out they had moved to Santa Ana to start a boarding house. As soon as she moved out to Santa Ana, she immediately started looking for a job. She found a stable job as a telephone operator. As soon as she did, she began dating. She had many short lived relationships until she found the right man a year later.
Lavone was set up on a blind date with a man named Bill Ledbetter. They dated for six months and then got married on June 9, 1946 a month before her 22nd birthday.
Within the first year of her being married, Lavone had her first child. Within six years, she had four children Barbara, Jan (my grandmother), Carol, and Anita. She was a stay at home mom as most of the moms on the street were.
Lavone's throat began to become coarse and hurt around the time that her eldest was in third grade. She went to the doctor to see if they could find out what was wrong. They found a tumor in her throat. The doctors didn't know if the tumor was cancerous, so they preformed a successful surgery that only left Lavone with one working vocal cord.

Current events that took place in Lavone's young adulthood

In 1947 Jackie Robinson is the first African-American in baseball.
In 1954 the supreme court outlaws segregation in schools.
In 1953 the Rosenbergs electrocuted for being spys for Russia during the Cold War.
In 1952 the Political conventions were on TV for the first time.

Lavone in her late years and now

After 34 years of marriage, Bill Ledbetter died from having a heart attack. A year later, she was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. She made a full recovery and remained healthy. She then remarried at the age of 62, to a man named Daryl Williams. Lavone and Daryl got a divorce a little over seven years later. She got remarried once again to Gean Higgins, who died just three years ago. Now Lavone is living in a rest home in Fullerton at the age of 91.