Twin Contracting Corporation

How Pantera Can Create a Competitive Advantage for You

Maximizing Efficiency by Eliminating Redundancy

Pantera can consolidate all of the steps in the Pre-construction process into one platform.

Saving You Time - Steamlining Efficiency - Saving Your Bandwidth - Unlimited Document Storage - Secure Storage with Redundant Servers - Customizable/Searchable Address Book - Customized Invitation to Bid - No Third Party Spam - No Subcontractor Solicitation - Free Upgrades - Customizable Features - Multiple Seats for Multiple Estimators - Powerful Reporting

It Comes Down to Math!

If you have six estimators bidding six projects a week and we can save you 20 minutes per project the numbers speak for themselves.

6 estimators x 6 projects x 20 minutes x 52 weeks = 37,440 minutes saved = 624 Hours of Labor Saved!

Assuming an Average Wage of $20/hour, that equals $12,480 saved per year and that's only

opportunity costs, it doesn't take into account the additional money brought in by winning more jobs or the additional brand equity garnered by promoting Twin Contracting!