AP World Literature

Summer Assignment & Class Preview

Assignment 1: The Kite Runner

This contemporary novel chronicles the main character's coming of age as Afghanistan's government crumbles. As you read, consider the themes below and track what scenes, events, actions, and characters tie-in to them.

  • Exile, favor, who is "in" and who is "out" of soceity
  • People's responsibility for the people around them
  • Failure and redemption

Assignment 2: The Bible

We studying the Bible as literature because so many works allude to its stories, symbols, archetypes, and characters. Your task is to read two of the Bible's 66 books: Genesis and one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John). There are many translations of the Bible; I prefer the New Internal Version or the Revised Standard Version, but any of them will do. As you read consider these questions:
  • What is the author's purpose in writing the individual stories? What truths about the physical world is the book teaching or explaining?
  • Where in literature/media have you seen allusions to this work? What stories, symbols, or characters have you seen copied, quoted, or reflected in other works?
  • see the questions listed above for The Kite Runner

What to expect from Mrs. Dunbar and World Lit

+ I believe that reading, writing, and analyzing are skills that everyone can develop and improve. + I believe that taking risks and trying new things leads to growth and learning.

+I believe in celebrating hard work.