Best Website Monitoring Tool

Business nowadays depends largely upon company website, it is important to keep the website in high performance and up and running all the time. Continuous use of website monitoring tool help in uninterrupted and seamless functioning of your website components, website monitoring tools keep the check on your website server and network and also notify you with the real-time alerts if it goes down. The successful online functionality of a website needs a competent website uptime checker to generate fruitful results.

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Free website monitoring tools help in benchmarking website performance-with the help of web monitor and network tools, excellent website performance can be ensured. It keeps a check if all the applications which are running round the clock are delivering services seamlessly.

Free website monitoring tools gives an edge with Prompt Troubleshooting-A large amount of data is stored on the servers including some folders and files which are of great importance to the organization. Website monitoring tools keep a close check on all of these components and also provide administrative alerts on any important event that takes place.

Free website monitoring tools help in reduction of overall downtime-Downtime can be reduced by setting actionable thresholds on CPU consumption traffic on NIC and memory consumption etc. With the help of enabled and updated monitoring tools, downtime of a website can be reduced up to 90%.

Free website monitoring tools helps in building customer satisfaction- By reduction in the page load time and minimized downtime, website monitoring tools helps in exhibiting high levels of preparedness. Website monitoring tools not only brings an uninterrupted presence but also helps in building loyalty, customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Uninterrupted Communication can be performed with the help of free website monitoring tools-Website monitoring tools can keep a check that servers are optimized and free flow of information is ensured across all verticals, servers are responsible for a number of functions, email, video and voice communication, messaging etc. This ensures uninterrupted business deals between the company and clients.

Free website monitoring tools also notify for error correction-If there is any kind of discrepancy referring to the internal linking structure of your website, website monitoring tools can detect them and also notify you about the same.

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