Hanover Happenings

Winter 2023 Volume 2 - Issue 6

Don't Forget These Important Dates

  • 2/1: No School- eLearning Day K-12
  • 2/8: Lincoln Talent/Art Show 6:30 PM
  • 2/14: School Board Meeting 6:30 PM
  • 2/17: No School
  • 2/20: No School - President's Day
  • 2/28: School Board Meeting 6:30 PM

100th Day of School!


Jane Ball

Hanover Band Compete in ISSMA Solo and Ensemble

Hanover Central High School and Middle School competed at ISSMA Solo and Ensemble on January 28th.

All middle schoolers received a GOLD rating. Abigail Wornhoff, Brooklynn Gulvas, Kennedy Wilk, Diana Monroe and Feranmi Ariyo received a perfect score with their ensemble! Some students did a solo, and some did an ensemble.

Students included Feranmi Ariyo, Andy Bairaktaris, Emily Barber, Naomi Barrett, Ava Coffman, Julian Hernandez, Isabella Jennings, Maya Juchniewicz, Diana Monroe, Gary Neal, Averie Paluch, Lili Reid, Nathan Robertson, Nathan Sandberg, Ashlyn Schelstrate, Griffin Tryner, Farouq Adetunji, Ava Baswell, Mina Bolanos, Olivia Camarillo, Ava Fleming, Colton Fliszar-Tatgenhorst, Brooklynn Gray, Mason Grzych, Brooklynn Gulvas, Lilly Jarvis, Cuyler Larson, Noelle Loveless, Megan McFarland, Peyton Miller, Anthony Montella, James Montella, Anthony Montella, Seth Neander, Trista Newcomb, Laila Perez, Gage Pinkowski, Ben Pinto, Gavin Reinbold-Morris, Jillian Sanders, Luka Savich, Jude Serrata, Kennedy Wilk, Abigail Wornhoff, Chim Aronu, Gianna Dieckmann, Claire Donaldson, Winnie Ross, Corryn Schultz, Aiden See, Max Tamayo, Abagael VanGuilder, Kaitlyn Viehman, and Addi Wasmundt.

Of the high school students, 12 kids of 5 solos and 2 ensembles will be advancing to STATE. In total, the HCHS band had 27 gold and 20 silvers.

Group 1 golds included: Ruby Borkstrom, Holley Shepard, Nick Lange, Tyler Shinkle, saxophone quartet (Megan Moloney, Kara Gliwa, Sebastian Pinto, and Tyler Stadt) and saxophone trio (Nick Hoffmann, Jacob Edwards, and AJ Tarena).

Group 1 silvers included: flute trio (Madalene Huppenthal, Bailey Ryan, and Caite Massacovollo), low brass trio (Nick Lange, Ethan Marsiglio, and Austin Drewno), double reed trio (Holley Shepard, Ruby Borkstrom, and Colleen Donaldson), Kayden Porter, and Jake Bennett.

Golds included: Colleen Donaldson, Rylan Porter, Grace Wilson, Olivia Hammons, Amy Kerr, Ben Stadt, Justina Guzman, Payton Wargo, Jack Wright, Cassidy Toole, Morgan Krolik, and saxophone trio (Jacob Drewno, Patrick Juchniewicz, and Chase Fajman).

Silvers included: Elayna Congress, Braden Denklau, Ethan Marsiglio, Donna Davlantis, Madison Purkey, Gabby Horon, and woodwind trio (Bella D'Onorio, Guilana Santos, and Kayla Carver).

Red Cedars Hosts First Concert in New Building

5th Grade Concert "Snow Day"

We love our seniors!

Thank you His Heart Photography for such amazing photos of our athletes!

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