Dr. Wills' Elementary Updates

Happy Monday!

We did it! 6 extraordinary nights of equipping our families to better assist their children to be FSUS scholars! Each team is to be commended for your display of knowledge and poise as you facilitated a well-organized program. Thank you!

Please enjoy the album of pictures from the K, 1st, 2nd and 4th grade Curriculum nights! I have attached them to this email.

Mrs. Weber's and Mrs. Gagnier's classes participated in a remote observation from FSU students. They took their students to the library to use the educational technology tools as part of the FSUS Tech Sandbox. During this session, the students worked in small teams with Ozobots, Dot and Dash robots, Spheros, Cubelets, snap circuits, and LittleBits circuits. Each team were given a set of instructions that helped them become familiar with how the tools worked. After a few more class sessions, students will become experts on the tech tools and begin to complete more complex lesson plans and challenges.

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Please be mindful when students take snacks on and around the playground area that they throw their trash away.

Car Pickup Schedule

10/3-10/7- 1st grade, Spanish, and Safety Patrols

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday, October 3rd- Seminole Writes

Monday, October 3rd at 2:45- NEHS Meeting

Tuesday, October 4th-PM, 3rd and 5th

Wednesday, October 5th- Walking Schoolbus

Wednesday, October 5th- Science Committee Meeting at 3:15 in Principal's Suite

Thursday, October 6th- PM Meeting- K, 1st and 4th

Friday, October 7th- Peprally at 8:00 in the Elementary Courtyard

Have a wonderful week!