The World Trade Center Reborn

Austin Hooker

New Birth

The plans on how the new World Trade Center buildings will be arranged. The World Trade one would be the tallest building in the United States.
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The World Trade Center 1 will be the tallest building in the united states standing at 1,776 feet, signifying the year our country regained our independance from Britain
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The 9/11 Timeline

9/11 Memorial

How The WTC Came Together

An average of 2,500 workers a day helped with the reconstruction. 16 acres is the total area of the new buildings. More then 45,000 tons of structural steel was used in the rebuilding process. State of the art concrete was used in the construction of World Trade building number one that that can withstand three times the pressure as other concrete used in other skyscrapers

Interesting Facts

During the construction of the World Trade one to prevent delays of people traveling up and down the building for breaks and lunch, there was a mobile restroom and sandwich shop driven by hydrolics up each floor as work progressed. The total amount of water the two large pools in the footprints of the former World Trade Centers one and two is 450,000 in each pool. The two pools are open year round and are heated in the winter. 400 plus trees were planted on the site of the memorial in honor of the victims on board flight 93 and the attack on the pentagon