Help us in our battle against the harmful chemical DHMO!

Dihydrogen Monoxide must stop now!

The government hasn't taken a look in the direction of the problem so it is up to us, the community, to solve the problem which is DHMO. Every year, thousands of people die from this horrid chemical. Help us fight for the cause and find a cure!!

The Invisible Killer

Watch out! DHMO can kill!!

Dangers of DHMO

  • Has been known to cause severe burns
  • Erodes natural landscape
  • Can cause electrical failures
  • Can decrease the performance in car brakes
  • Has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients
  • A Component of acid rain
  • Led to loss of life

Act Now To Prevent Further Contamination!

Here are some steps to report DHMO to your local contamination agency:

  1. DO NOT consume or inhale the product in any way
  2. Call the help hotline @ 1(800)-1-NO-DHMO
  3. Leave the area

Wait, a new discovery has been found!

DHMO is actually just a fancy name for water. If you look at the word "Dihydrogen Monoxide" and break it down, Di= 2 and mono=1, so two hydrogen and one oxygen really equals the abbreviation that we all know and love, H2O. H2O is formally known as water, which the human race can't survive without. So on second thought, DHMO has to stay!