Ella's Excellent Toddlers!

Hello Parents!!!

We have had a fantastic January and had all sorts of fun!! This months themes were snow and snowmen, mittens and kittens, bears, and black and white!

Learning about snow was a big hit because it gave us an excuse to listen to "Let It Go" and have snowball fights! Some of your children have surprisingly accurate throwing arms, so look out!! For Black and White week, we learned about lots of animals: penguins, zebras, polar bears, snowy owls, orca whales, and puffins. They have really impressed me with how well they have been able to identify each different one! We used penguins to learn our shapes and they are getting very good at differentiating between square/rectangle and circle/oval! When we learned about bears we talked about different kinds of bears using the different stories: Brown/Polar/Panda What Do You See/Hear. They LOVE reading Brown Bear and have nearly memorized the order of the animals.

Thanks for all you and and a big thanks for everyone being super on top of things and remembering PJ Day. It made for the cutest and silliest day we've ever had :)

Believe it or not February starts next week, so I will have some details for yall about our Valentine's festivities very soon!