ACTIVITY No.1 - Paintball

I'm a professional paintball player and I played in Turkish Paintball League and I'm still playing. If you don't know what paintball is, let me give a simple introduction. Paintball is a sport which was founded in the USA. It is basically a team sport. It has 2 different types of it. 1 is scenario MilSim(Military Simulation) and the second one which is the real sport one is, speedball. It is a sport simply you have to eliminate the other team by shooting them or capturing the objective. If you want to know more about it simply check Youtube and type "HK ARMY" in the search section.

ACTIVITY No.2 - Baseball

First of all, unfortunately baseball is not a big deal in Turkey and it is a struggle to find anyone plays it. But when you find people plays it, it becomes the best sport in the world. I've been playing baseball for 5 years with my cousen and my friends. It is one of my duty to spread the sport. If you are in Bilkent and if Bilkent has a team and I don't know about it just please please please let me know.

Dream Job

My dream job is being a journalist in the US. I'm very into the journalism for a long time. I've been reading newspaper and watching and listening news since I learned to read. I'm in my University's newspaper so I think that is a pretty okay start.