Chapter 16 Vocabulary

By: Madison Ernst

Decision-Making Process

Decision-making can be regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities.

Government Policy

Public policy is the principled guide to action taken by the administrative executive branches of the state with regard to a class of issues in a manner consistent with law and institutional customs.

Point of View

A particular attitude or way of considering a matter.

Cultural Beliefs

The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.


Love that people feel for their country.


The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals.


Refers to a large group of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history.


A nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.


A form of political organization in which a group of people who share the same history, traditions, or language live in a particular area under one government