Water problems

Crisis in africa

The best solution

Have you ever thought of helping people that need water? I have, my idea is to build a sand dam that connects to hand wAter pumps. So this idea could work we would have to show the people how to fix the pipes just in case the burst. Putting water hand pumps near elderly homes lets the elderly have water with them not paying people to fetch water with money they don't have. Did you know that girls have to leave school to get water at locations that are even 4 miles away? I don't think that people here in the united stated go that far walking just to get a little bit of water by walking. Girls have to walk several times back and forth to get water for the family. Some people don't notice but we need water for our every day life. You need water to eat,shower,brush your teeth,wash your face and more.That is a part of my idea and examples of why they need water,now it is up to you to help the community.

People walk many miles to fetch water.

Our goal

Help us get to our goal. Help this drought in Africa by coming up with your own idea to make water get to a village were people don't have to walk 4 miles to get water. Another way of helping is just for you to conserve water, you try going a day with little water, it is very hard. Imagine how people feel in Africa. Now it is up to you.