The Best Apps for the Classroom

mLearning: for the best and the rest of us

iPads - now cheaper and more accessible than ever!

mLearning, BYOD, iPads and tablets, smartphones and laptops are popping up in classrooms everywhere, and along with them, productive and efficient apps for learning. Here are 5 of some of the best and most well-known iPad apps that are more than just Facebook.

Text votes and answers from phones. The teacher or administrator is able to set up questions and answers on a closed and private platform, and students text the answers to the provided link. Teachers can give the students autonomy by asking them to vote on a date of a test, or can assess class-wide understanding of a concept and receive instant feedback.
Poll Everywhere Tutorial

Google Drive syncs to your google email account, allows you to upload documents, presentations, spreadsheets, videos, etc. and edit it anywhere - and add collaborators to achieve easy collaboration. Students can submit assignments, participate in an online discussion, work on group projects, and develop a blog or an ePortfolio.
Managing Your Classroom Through Google Drive


Remind101 is an app for iPad that allows students, parents and teachers to imput cell phone numbers, and send SMS text messages to each other, without the other parties learning of their private personal cell phone numbers. Teachers can text reminders about an upcoming quiz, an assignment duedate, a fieldtrip to students, and they can send invitations to conferences, and emergency/behavior concerns to parents.
Prezi is PowerPoint's online, modern, stylish cousin. You can create impressive-looking presentations online, collaborate with other users, embed links for videos and other websites. The app is easy to use and well-developed for iPad, and having a student create a Prezi to present a research project, then posting the link online for other students to study off of and for the teacher to assess encourages pride in student work.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is constantly recieving positive reviews as THE classroom management tool that saves teachers time. It allows for positive reinforcement of good behavior, an organized attendance sheet, easy and professional parent communication, and collaborate with colleagues and community members.