The american speaking in comics

Teaching informal speech to use in second language learning

Join us for the best class about how comics can influence the youth on English learning!

Since ye old days, reading comic books has became the most popular genre among young people. That is why we have chosen to connect this two points and make English learning funnier.

Easiness of reading

When confronted with students of high school classes, we assured that instead of reading "difficult" literature they do seen to prefer reading a language that has to do more with their own lives. And the way they prefer using the language in informal situations.

Why Batman?

We have chosen Batman because of the vocabulary it holds. Once we want to work with informal speech, we see in "Batman" the "real" English that goes for the street language. We also have seen many other characters speaking their own ways, such as police officers, lawyers, beggars, criminals, rich people, etc. that the students can relate to what is seen (in the drawings) and what is being read.