Christian's Biography

Basic information.

-Cristian was born November 29th, 1997

-He was born in Manila, Phillippines

-Cristian has 1 sister and 2 brothers

-His favorite animal is a dog, but he has no pets.

Cristians favorite childhood show was "Mr. Bean"

More information

Cristians favorite sport to watch is Volleyball. Also, his favorite subject in school is Accounting & Government. His favorite food to eat is Lasagna. Cristians favorite type of music is R&B. And favorite type of clothing is Aeropostale & Nike. What he misses most about being a kid is his friends and he can do everything and have no worries. His role model is his mom. One of his goals in life is to finish college and what he wants to be when he's older is an accountant. Cristian first learned to ride a bike when he was 9 years old. He currently works at Mcdonalds and has worked there for 7 months.
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