The Wellness Bulletin

Eatonville School District

January 2022

Dear School Community:

Welcome to 2022! In an attempt to compile resources that I believe will be beneficial to the community, I quickly reflect on WHO has the most influence and beneficial effect on our students. It is you - the parents, the families and the community members that remind our students how valuable and important they are. These resources are tools that can assist you in doing the already-great job that you are doing! As we continue to navigate the challenges that we are faced with - let's be reminded that "Attitude is Everything." Our children will look to us to see how we react and respond to situations - frustrating, overwhelming, emotional and challenging situations. Children will often take their "lead" from us. If we are able to maintain our logical mind, stay in the moment and process those emotions without overreacting, we are teaching our children healthy behavioral patterns.

Two important reminders:

Behavior is a form of communication! And, we are our children's first teachers!


Eating Disorders

ANRED is a nonprofit organization that provides information about anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and other food and weight disorders.

Grief Support

Compassionate Friends–support for bereaved parents and siblings. Provides friendship, support, and hope for those in the process of grieving

Social Emotional Learning for Families

The resources on this page provide information about social-emotional learning and the different Second Step programs provided in your student's school.

District Counselors

Columbia Crest Elementary: Deborah Noble-Perry

Eatonville Elementary: Jana McIlraith

Weyerhauser Elementary: Jessica Sotl

Eatonville Middle School: Anisa Parks

Eatonville High School: Mary-Ann Baker and Kirsten Saari

Secondary District Mental Health Counselor: Brenda Waugh-Reimer, LMHC

Elementary Mental Health Counselor: Elle Gladstone, Behavioral Support Staff

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