Mid Summers Night Dream (Group E)

Act 3, Scene 2, Lines 305-344

Abby S, Madison W, Johnathon V, and Kole A.


Hermia and Helena are in a huge fight because Hermia believes that Helena has stolen Lysander's heart from her. When Lysander and Demetrius join in to help their ladies, things just get worse. Lysander and Demetrius run off, while still fighting, and leave the girls with each other. After more fighting Helena runs off first, with Hermia soon to follow.

Most Important Quote

"Nor longer stay in your curst company" (MND III.ii.341). The quote means not wanting to stay in someones rude, and annoying company. We chose this for the most important quote because it represents the feeling during this scene. For example, Helena says this to Hermia because she no longer trusts her. This can also be applied to Helena and Lysander because Helena doesn't believe that Lysander loves her.

Character Analysis


Lysander is normally in love with Hermia. Due to certain circumstances, like a magic flower being put on your eyes, Lysander falls in love with Helena. So, as Hermia is confused with him, Lysander is trying to figure how to make Helena believe that he actually loves her.


Demetrius is in love Hermia, but Hermia doesn't feel the same way. While trying to convince Hermia that he is the one for her, he has Helena saying the same thing to him. Demetrius is all fed up with whatever Helena says, so he acts very rudely to her.


Helena is in love with Demetrius, but Demetrius is in love with Hermia. She tries confessing her love, but nothing works. To make matters worse, she believes Lysander is mocking her. She thinks that he is messing with her when he confesses his love.


Hermia is in love with Lysander, but is extremely confused when Lysander all of sudden starts liking Helena. To ruin her life further, Demetrius won't give up on his love for her, and Hermia is just getting annoyed with him now.


The theme in this scene is knowing who you can actually trust. Everyone in this scene feels and acts so betrayed by someone the once knew. For example, Hermia is fighting with Helena because Hermia thought the Helena was actually in love with Lysander and not with Demetrius, as said earlier.