Help Pittsburgh Animals

Cost Free! Help the Animals! Fur is Not Allowed.

Why is my group different than any big organization?

A big organization wouldn't ask you to help them. They ask for M-O-N-E-Y. I on the other hand do not ask for your hard earned money just you time. If you are willing to help animals then this is the place for you!


Our first meeting is being held at Carnegie Library at 4400 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh Pa. It cost nothing to drop by and see what we're trying to do. At the end of the meeting you don't have to commit to anything. Just simply email me if you do plan on helping and want to be a reoccurring participant.

Why should you help? What will be be doing?

The obvious answer should be to help animals. You should also help us to recieve the satisfaction that you helped your city become a better and safer place for animals to live in.

We will volunteer at animal shelters, zoos, cleaning up the pollution in the rivers, and a bunch of other activities to help the animals!

So just drop in and see how you can help the animals of Pittsburgh.