Guillermo Antonio Mendoza

Future Mechanic, Engineering, Construction

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I love my music that goes with the mood of my day. Soccer is my passion I would play any time of the day. I never give up even if i believe there is not a way to do a certain thing. I may be tired but I will give it all my best and don't back down. Math is my subject, there's something about numbers that i have the need to solve things. Art is a form of expression if i ever draw i want something complex or something not simple because there's no point of drawing it when it can be easily made. I love to figure how to dismantle objects and put them back the way they were in the beginning. I am a very curious guy so if something catches my attention i will look at it for a long period time. I am a very happy person, i tend to smile so much that it spread to others.

Types of colleges i want to go to and why?

I want to be in a college with a lot of hands on things. Like for three types of careers i want to know and be able to do in life. I want to know how to fix an automobile and ways to customize it. I want to learn how to build house from scratch and knowing what has to be done in order to fix a certain area in the house. Last but not least i want to be able to know a type of engineering since its majors in math and science. The reason why its because i want to do jobs with a lot of hands on the subject i want to be out there knowing what to do rather than others doing it for me. Also not me knowing what needs to be done is not the way i want to live in life. I want to be able to do things my way and be able to fix things.


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