Help the Homeless

Group 6

Shortage of Affordable Housing

A majority of homeless people spend more then half of their incomes on rent. With minimum-wage jobs, people can't afford to live in houses anymore. In subsidized housing, there are currently 72,000 families on the waiting list. 4,100 families are homeless, 13,175 are high-school aged. Report shows that 48% of the cities experienced an increase in homelessness. It has doubled since 1990.Fort Worth keeps losing affordable housing, which is replaced by apartments. Providing more assisted housing topped the list of actions needed to reduce homelessness.

The Four Root Causes of Homelessness:


*Shortage of Affordable Housing

*Decline in Public Assistance

*Eroding Work Opportunities

Our Goal Statement:

To increase affordable housing. By educating the public and bringing awareness about the homeless in Fort Worth area, we can help provide affordable housing.

Take Action

*Change the way we think an talk about experiencing homelessness

*be kind and show love

*Stop making excuses and get involved

*Ensure that no one is ever evicted to the streets

*Localize solutions to homelessness

*Volunteer at local shelters

*Donate used toys, old clothes, and food

What we learned:

Danny: I learned that one of the biggest causes of homelessness is lack of affordable housing.

Sonny: I learned that being a good citizen is caring for my community.

Samantha: I learned that being homeless is not fun and everyone can help it by volunteering.

Lily: I learned that helping homeless people can effect us, the homeless, and our community. Ways we can help end homelessness is getting involved by helping.

Katie: I learned that there are some night shelters that homeless people can go to.

Alisson: I learned how we can all work together and make a change in our community.

Jessica: I learned to work with other people and end homelessness.

The Super Six Judges
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