Travel Sickness

How To Get Rid Of IT

Foods to Help You !

  • Fresh Lemons or lemon juice can help with nausea which then helps with motion sickness.

  • plain crackers can also help with motion sickness. There easy to digest and that will help with less tummy aches.

  • A little piece of ginger root can go a long way. It can help with a upset tummy which could be from motion sickness.

  • Olives Yum .... Olives help reduce saliva and keep nausea out of mind.

Where Do I Sit ?

When on a plane you can experience some choppy whether which then a person can get motion sickness. A place to sit on a plane where you can prevent this would be in the middle of the cabin, there you will feel the less amount of jolts in choppy areas in the sky.
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My own smoothie creation !

Yummy energy breakfast drink before heading to the airport

Ingredients :

2 granny smith apples

One inch of ginger root

3 - 4 mint leaves

quarter cup of lemon juice

ice cubes

Steps :

add quarter cup of lemon juice to blender

Slice apples and put in blender

Slice your ginger root then put in blender

Put 3 - 4 pieces of fresh mint in blender

add ice to blender

Turn on blender and blend till smooth

Pour and Enjoy !