National School Counselor Week

Join us in celebrating The OVCA Counselor Team

Monday- Connect with the Heart of OVCA.

Tuesday- You DONUT know how much we appreciate you.

Wednesday -Super Thank you

Thursday- Helping Build Better Humans

Friday- Pay it forward


We have 3 different groups of counselors at OVCA.

  • Academics
  • Social Emotional
  • College & Career

Take a minute this week to connect with them.

Click here to Meet the OVCA Counselor Team

After clicking the link scroll to the bottom to see each counselor and their email address.

Create your own donut or draw one using the links below

How to draw a doughnut-

How to draw a cute unicorn doughnut-

How to draw a doughnut stack-

Big picture

If your counselor was a super hero which one would they be and why?

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Share how a counselor has helped build your life.

How to send your messages

  • email your creations to your counselor
  • attend a cc session with your counselor
  • upload using the link above

Pay It Forward

This team does so much for our school. Take some time today and pay it forward by doing something kind!


SEL Resources

This team works so hard each month to ensure our mental health is in a good place and provides us with tools to continue to grow.

Learning Coaches click the image on the left for more SEL information.

Please encourage your students to attend their SEL/7 Mindset minutes this week.

Preparing you for what comes next

The OVCA Team is dedicating to seeing you succeed after graduation. It doesn't matter what path you choose we are here to help.

Click the links below for more information.

Note from OVCA's Head of School, Audra Plummer

OVCA is fortunate to have the best counselor team in the state. The High School Team has worked to create effective graduation plans for each high school student as he/she enters OVCA. This plan is reflective of the personal goals of each student. OVCA High School Counselors have consistently had the highest marks in graduation plans across the company. Our K8 counselors have lead the way with the 7 Mindset curriculum and implementation while holding groups for OVCA students and parents as needed. OVCA is also thankful to have two Student Family Resource Coordinator and one Social worker who also provide services for families. This entire team is working to support the social emotional support of our students, families and staff. This month’s 7 mindset is Passion First. OVCA is so lucky to have an amazing team of counselors who have a passion for students and families.

Thank you for your dedication and impact on our school.


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