Witches Take Down Macbeth

Wicked Witches Take Down Mighty Macbeth

There are many reasons as to why the three witches caused Macbeth's downfall. At the very beginning of the novel the witches appear and state;¨Fair is foul, and foul is fair"(Act I , Scene I). This quote already shows the true character of the witches and how they are manipulative to others. Also in the beginning of the book the witches appear again and start talking to Macbeth about how he would be the king of Scotland. In the book Macbeth, the third witch states;” All hail Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter”( Act I ,Scene III) . This quote shows that witches are trying to get inside Macbeth's head telling him that we will be the king. Next the witches have been telling Macbeth that he will be the king of Scotland but in order for him to be the king he will have to kill the present king. The witch's keep trying to get Macbeth to kill the king, but Macbeth just can't do it. The witches continue to appear, but this time they talk about how they will have to encourage Macbeth to kill the current king Duncan. The first witch says to her other two sisters;” ... come, sisters, cheer we up his sprites and show the best of our delights” (Act IV, Scene I ). This quote shows that the witches are trying to cheer up Macbeth about him killing King Duncan. The witches can be held responsible for Macbeth's downfall for a numerous amount of reasons throughout the book. The witches are constantly getting into Macbeth's head and leading him to believe all these thing that the witches are imagining. Lastly the witches were encouraging Macbeth into doing bad things and making all the wrong decisions.

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