Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Fernanda Vivas 8/24/12


The settiing of the story takes place in Chinatown San Francisco. Chinese immigrants arrived here during the Gold Rush of 1849. Chinatown is one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia.
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Ni kan and her mother have relationship problems. Her  mom is forcing her  to become a piano prodigy. Ni kan takes piano lessons with Mr. Chong a deaf piano teacher. Ni kan does not want to be something she is not so she does not try during her piano lessons.
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The exposition is when her mom signes her up for piano lessons but Ni kan does not want to take them. The rising action was when Ni kan did not do well in the talent show on purpose so she will stop playin piano. The climax was when her mom told her to go to her piano lessons but instead they got into a big arguement about Ni kan not wanting to be a prodigy. The resolution was when her mother gave her the piano for her thertieth birthday.
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External Conflict and Internal Conflict

The external conflict is when Ni kan is at her piano lessons and she does not correct her mistakes. Also at the talent show Ni kan does not try to play the piano well. The internal conflict is when the daughter feels like her mother does not like her for who she is. The mom feels like the daughter is suppose to be a prodigy so she will be someone in life.
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One of the themes in this story is that you should not give up hope on someone or else they will give up on them selfs. When the mom stoped trying to get Ni kan to her piano lessons she  stopped trying on everything she did.


A symbol in this story is the piano. The piano means that the mom has hopes for her daughter to be a important person in life. Also it means the daughter does not want to become something that she is not.
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1. She sees herself and then she sees the girl that her mom wants her to be. This means that she is two diffrent kinds of a person, she is herself and then she is the prodigy her mom hopes for.2. The daughter wants her mom to like her for who she is but instead the mom is trying to change her to someone she is not. Which makes the daughter mad for wanting her to change.3. Since the mom had a bad life in China she hopes for something better for her daughter. She wants to live through her daughter what she could not live in China. The mom wants fame and fourtune but the daughter knows she can not be a prodigy.