vacation in the tropical!!!!!!

You better hurry we get full very fast!!!

its coming soon cant wait to see you here

  • Its hot and rainy and always 80.3 degrees out side .
  • you will find alot of animals like gorillas , monkeys, tigers, lions, butterflys, partots, toocans, and snakes they all eat meat but not you.
  • also plants like palm trees, ferns,vines, mosses. they all help make medicain
  • you will also have time to relax, spend time with your family, zip line , pools, rivers, and hiking

tropical relaxation

Saturday, June 22nd, 12pm

Itori rain forest

you will have a amazing time!!

your kids will remember this for there whole lives!!!

Cant wait!!

1:00-2:00 we are going to check in our guest 2:30-3:15 we will start lunch 3:40-6:50 we will start activities 7:10-8:00 we will have dinner

Have fun and enjoy your stay.

If we dont have it you will get it!!!!!

grace sanchez

i love planing partys and events.

i hope you enjoy

tropical rain forest

its fun to explore and watch animals and to discover things you never discoverd before