Nati - Israel Startup Community

MISSION: Get 1000 Techies on DNHey


Reach critical mass in small groups such as Hubs, Accelerators, Students, Startups and Freelancers. Eventually reach critical mass across the tech industry.

5 Steps to Success

  1. Build 5 landing pages specifically displaying the tech use case. A/B test to optimize. A 20% conversion rate is desired.

  2. Use MappedinIsrael, OurCrowd, Facebook and Google to build a list of target groups.

  3. Get tech students signed up to a Mailchimp mailing list via a landing page or through the student union or faculty. Freelancers should also be targeted via Xplace and similar sites.

  4. Call and/or meet up with decision makers in hubs and accelerator programs saying that their members should be on DNHey to quickly find and talk to other techies, including students.

  5. After launch, with a few hundred users at least, target start-ups with a newsletter saying that techies are available on DNHey, with privacy guaranteed.