CVHS Counseling Weekly Update

October 9, 2020; Vol 2 Num 5

Be Aware Walk to Prevent Youth Suicide

The Virtual Be Aware 5k for Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention is October 17th through 24th. Sign up to participate at:
Be Aware Virtual 5k 2020

We Are Here to Help You!

Do you know our school's Student Assistance Specialists (SAT) ? You should.

Chippewa Valley High School would like to introduce you to the Student Assistance Specialists. Meet Mrs. Adams in the Ninth Grade Center and Mrs. Locke in the Main Building. Download this file to explore the bitmoji created by these two wonderful folks.

Wellness Resources

CV Coalition Web Site - Drug Prevention, Suicide Prevention, COVID-19 Resources for CVHS families-see

A reminder! Chippewa Valley Schools has a Community Resource Message Line - 586-723-2280.

Families can call for assistance in identifying needed resources.

(Calls are monitored between 8 am and 4 pm weekdays.)

Say Hello to Xello!

Coming soon... XELLO!

Not sure what to do after high school? Need help with your post secondary plans? No worries, we've got you!

Be on the lookout for a special newsletter edition coming soon launching XELLO!

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Virtual College Visits for Seniors and Juniors (what the heck? 9th and 10th grade too).

Since we are not able to arrange in-person college visits right now outside our cafeteria, we have virtual college visits during the month of October. Please download the list below.

The list will be updated as we get more colleges signed up.

Some colleges do require you to register for this event ahead of time. This will be indicated in the meeting information section.

Good scholarship program for all grades:

Earn micro-scholarships as early as 9th grade and discover your path to the best college for you.

1. Discover Colleges

Learn more about which colleges could be a great fit for you, see the micro-scholarships they’re offering, and share that you’re interested by hitting the “Follow” button (for each school).

2. Add Your Achievements

Complete your RaiseMe Portfolio by adding each of your course grades, club involvement, sports, volunteer activities, and more.

3. Earn Scholarships for Your Achievements

For each achievement, you'll earn a micro-scholarships from colleges you’re Following, the sum of which you'll be awarded when you attend that college.

Click on this link to get started:

Class Specific Info

Class of 2021

October is College Application Month. The goal is for every senior to apply to at least one college, for FAFSA and for one scholarship.

Seniors once you have applied, submit you name at the link below so we can recognize you in our newsletter.

Please complete the below career/college survey so we can see what your future interests are. We have upcoming workshops through Microsoft Teams on October 19th and October 20th on skilled trades, financial aid, college applications, and career exploration. You must complete the survey to receive the Microsoft teams links.

The 2020-2021 FAFSA is now available. This form is required at colleges in order to receive financial aid.. Visit

to start the FAFSA. Counselors at CVHS can help you with this process if you have questions, please reach out to us. Oakland University is also committed to helping students and their families get professional assistance in completing the FAFSA

Students and parents are also invited to participate in a private Virtual FAFSA Appointment or a Virtual FAFSA Group Workshop. Students can reserve an appointment online:

If you already signed up with the Main Office, SAT October 14th inside CVHS at 7:15am

What does test optional mean for college admissions?

This is an excerpt from a college that does a nice job of explaining what test optional means at their institution. While each individual college or university will vary this gives an idea of what the concept is:

What does test optional mean at Emory?
This year Emory is truly test optional. Applicants can submit scores (or not), and we encourage applicants to know if they want to submit scores (or not) when they apply.

On the Emory section of the application, students will be asked: "Do you want test scores (SAT or ACT) to be considered in the review of your application for Emory University?" Students can simply answer "no.”

In answering "no," the admission committee will not take any test scores into consideration at all. Even if test scores come to us as self-reported scores on the application. Even if scores are shared on the high school transcript.

How will Emory review applications without test scores?
For many years, test scores have not been a large part of our holistic review process. This year will simply take the review a step further.

We will lean more heavily on other application materials, including personal statements, short answer questions, letters of recommendation, high school transcript, and, where available, alumni interview feedback.

We will continue to look for students who have:

  • Taken challenging classes in the context of their high school and done well in them.
  • Pursued outside-of-class educational, volunteer, or work opportunities.
  • Authentically shared of themselves through their application personal statements and short answer questions.

What if a student changes their mind?
If an applicant changes their mind about being test optional, they may update their test optional answer in their Emory applicant portal. The deadlines for those changes are based on decision plan and provided to the student via email and in their applicant portal. The deadlines allow as much time as possible for the student to adjust their choice in consideration of our committee review timeline.

How will scores be used if the student wants it?
As in prior years, we believe standardized test scores demonstrate academic preparation. For students who choose to submit scores, we will view the scores within the context of their application.

We will continue to superscore the SAT and, this year and in future years, we will also superscore the ACT. We accept both self-reported and official scores.

Don't Get Benched

Congratulations to the below seniors for applying to college.

Antonij Bogojevski

Bailey Fillar

Bella Hicks

Angela Narkaj

Ava Majewski

Seniors! Order your cap and gowns for commencements download flyer below

Class of 2022

Hi Juniors! How are you coping with the stress of this year? If you are choosing NEGATIVE coping strategies, you are probably not feeling much relief from your stress and discomfort.

NEGATIVE coping strategies include: ignoring/bottling up feelings, working too much, avoiding your problems, using substances, etc.

POSITIVE coping strategies are the key to actually RELIEVING your stress and not just pushing it to the side only to have it come back more forcefully. POSITIVE coping strategies include: finding humor, spending time with a pet, eating healthy, making a list of what you are grateful for, reading, doodling, etc. For more information and examples of positive strategies that could help you, check out this resource:

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Class of 2023

Hi Sophomores! Like we said last week, things are getting REAL. Are you getting behind in class? Are your grades lower than you would like? Your counselors are noticing this is the case for many students.

Consider how you have been approaching virtual learning. Try to implement a tip or 2 below if you have not already.

- Have a consistent dedicated workspace (ideally not your bedroom if possible - if not, then at least get out of your physical bed)

- Put your phone out of reach (unless it is the device you are using for class)

- Utilize a weekly calendar or agenda to write down due dates. This can be drawn on a sheet of paper if you do not have a printer or agenda.

- Connect with your teacher if you are falling behind

- Do not just ignore the assignments - they will pile up and feel more and more overwhelming

- Celebrate small wins - focus on what you DID accomplish and understand :)

- Reach out to your counselor if you could use some help or resources

Class of 2024!

Hey Freshmen!!! Here are our Study Skill tips of the week:

5. Make the most of your resources.

While learning online, you have many helpful resources available. Naturally, your texts/notes, online instructional tools, and trusted websites come to mind. But don’t forget the many human resources you can use: parents, teachers, school counselors, support staff & principals are great sources of information. A good rule of thumb is if you’ve been searching for an answer for more than five minutes, reach out for help! Here are some online resources: - Use already made study sets or create your own. Improve your grades with flashcards, games and more. Suggested articles on how to study for different types of tests/subjects Tutorial to assist in practicing & preparing for Algebra tests. Offers free live online homework help 4-11, (student ID is your library card, last 4 digits of phone # is PIN).

Also offers research assistance & free digital downloads - FREE tutorials & practice in various subjects as well as NWEA practice sessions (enter scores & suggested practice pops up) & SAT practice.

6. Start on track & Stay on track.

It’s always better to be ahead than to be struggling at the last minute! Break down big projects into small, manageable parts—and give each one a deadline. Don’t drag your feet—make yourself do things on time & you’ll be better off in the long run.

And Remember your counselors are here for you! We are available throughout the school day. Contact us thru Schoology, email or give us a call. We can set up a Teams meeting to chat!

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Staying connected and getting more info:

Students are now all members of the CVHS Counseling Group in Schoology

We have enrolled every CVHS student into the Counseling Group in Schoology. Now you can access all the resources posted and talk to a 10-12 counselor by clicking on our "Open-Chat" link posted every hour of the day (except 4th).

How to Request an Appointment with your Counselor

Counselors are here to support all of your personal, academic and career needs. To see your 10/11/12 grade counselor, please click on the link below to complete our form to request.

9th-grade students: to request to see your counselor email your counselor using the contact info below.

Welcome to CVHS! I feel left out!?! Click here.

Do you feel left out of CVHS happenings? Are you always the last to hear about a CVHS event or activity. Maybe you need to update your settings or gain access to something. Click here and you can fix these problems. You'll never miss another thing!

*NEW* Follow us on Instagram!

Chippewa 10-12 counselors now have an Instagram account. Follow chippewacounselors as another way to stay connected and up-to date with any information our department has for you.

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Stay up to date with text messages from your CVHS Counselors

If you haven't already done so, students and parents are welcome to sign up.

Class of 2021 text @de22ake to the number 81010

Class of 2022 text @d9eg2e to the number 81010

Class of 2023 text @6497a6 to the number 81010

Class of 2024 text @7673gc9 to the number 81010

Don't be alarmed if you occasionally receive a Remind text that you have been removed from our lists: This happens because we have to keep our lists under a certain number. We add you to a new group and the text reminders keep coming.

Email your assigned counselor with any questions or concerns.

For Grade 9:

Students Last Names A - Kq:

Mrs. Debbie Wall

Students with Last Names Kr - R:

Mrs. Jennifer Frohock

Students with Last Names S - Z:

Mrs. Nadia Given

For grades 10, 11, and 12:

Please Note - Counselor Alphabet Caseloads Have Changed From Last Year

Student's Last name: A-Co

Mrs. Kimberly Koskos

Student's Last Name: Cp-Hes

Mr. Scott Merchant

Student's Last Name: Het-McF

Dr. Dan Lawrence

Student's Last Name: McG-San

Mrs. Sydney Radzinski

Student's Last Name: Sao-Z

Mrs. Stephanie Pitcher


If you have an emergency crisis situation and are unable to reach your counselor, you are encouraged to utilize the following resources:

Macomb County Crisis Center: 586-307-9100

Okay to Say: 855-565-2729 or

Local Police Dpt: Clinton Twp. 586-493-7800 Macomb Twp. 586-469-5151

9th Grade Center Counseling
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