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Dental Health and Gum Disease

Dental Health and Gum Disease in pregnancy

Receding Gums Treatment At Home: A recent research shows that most women face poor dental health problems while they are having pregnancy. Gum disease (periodontal disease) caused by damage to the tooth root tissue can slow down fertility.

This research was conducted between women of 30 to 35 year age who were planning to get pregnant. They have found that

  • About 150 women took more than a year to get pregnant. As these women have periodontal disease problem and worried to cure it.
  • Women with Gum disease take 40% more time to get pregnant.
  • Women with periodontal complications take approximately 7 months to get pregnant, as compared to women with good dental health, which is only 5 months.
  • However, other factors such as obesity, smoking or old age can also increase the time to get pregnant.

In a woman’s life reproductive years are considered as a special period. Women should be aware of all that several oral changes which come about during this period of time. Some of these are;

• Gum disease and excessive amount of spit

• Gum inflammation or swollen gum

• Plaque

• Dry mouth

The inflammation of gum is one of the most common oral changes that women experienced during their menstrual period. It is normally experienced just before the day this cycle starts and sometimes stops at the start of menstruation. During pregnancy, further changes can be experienced during pregnancy.

Nature's Smile - True treatment for Periodontitis / Gum Disease

Natural Gum Disease Treatments during Pregnancy

During pregnancy oral changes fluctuate significantly among women but sometime they feel completely opposite symptoms and signs. The main causes of all such signs are not clear. There are several considerations some put the blame on hormonal changes but others are not. Here are some natural remedies for these common oral problems;

  • Constant condition of dry mouth can make your teeth more sensitive to oral cavities. This can be resolved by using sugar free gum for salivary stimulations and drinking water regularly all the day.
  • If you want to relieve excessive amount of spit, you should try to reduce the chance of vomiting, nausea or indigestion which can activate the problem.
  • Morning sickness is common, during the early months of pregnancy. The stomach acids that interconnect with the oral cavity can make softer the tooth surface that will cause teeth loss and at risk of cavitations. Nature’s Smile is safe to use after vomiting. Women can thoroughly wash their mouth with its mouthwash and avoid from brushing for half an hour.
  • Periodontal disease is the most adverse change that may develop during pregnancy. It is actually linked with low weight birth and premature birth. Therefore these children are more insecure to infection of this disease.
  • So during pregnancy good oral hygiene and plaque control is too much important. Regular dental cleanings with Nature’s Smile gum bam and mouth wash is highly effective in all these symptoms.
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Last but not the least; women should keep an eye on their dental health especially to find the right gum disease treatment at its early stage.

Persistent use of Nature’s Smile products will guarantee that your gum lines, surrounding tissues and teeth remain perfectly clean and gun disease under control. Nature’s Smile improves your oral health and highly effective and good thing is due to the natural ingredients this is real “gum disease natural treatment”. For more info visit