Red Team Weekly Update

Week of 4/6-4/10

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mr. Jones

This week we started writing our first blogs. It seems that many students are enjoying writing the little tidbits about their lives or things that are just on their minds. This week’s emphasis was on using 3-D details to “show” and not just “tell” the story. Those 3-D details make narratives pop. Next week, we will focus on effective dialogue and how it helps drive stories and how writers should ground dialogue in the actions, feelings, and thoughts of characters so that characters and stories feel real.

Check out my April Blog, “My Dystopian Life” found on the class website here.

Science- Mrs. Creath

This past week students learned about plants, flowers, pollination, and how that occurs. From the feedback I got online, it seemed like the kids learned a lot from this week’s lessons!

Next week the students will complete a mini-project on animal behaviors that increase their chances of survival. Students will choose an animal and research eight traits that help their species survive. They will then create a presentation to share with the rest of the students.

Social Studies- Mrs. Pettid

This week students further explored the Medieval Period. Our first lesson was about the need for and symbolism involved in a coat of arms - and then students created their own. The second and third lessons this week involved the role of the Church in Medieval Europe - both as a religious institution and as an educational institution. Answer keys will be posted on Monday. Next week, we will look at Medieval European Art.

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