All about Me

Kelsie Sizemore

  • To start off, my name is Kelsie. I'm 16. I'm more on the outgoing side, but I am quiet at first. I can sing and draw well, and enjoy doing it. I came from Austin High School, then began going to school at Scottsburg High as soon as 2nd semester hit. I also have been dating a Scottsburg senior by the name of Kenny Mills for a good chunk of time. I have 2 younger sisters and 3 older brothers, Katlyn Cornette, Kendra Cornette, Derrik Cornette, David Sizemore, and Devon Sizemore. I would like to go to Prosser for either cosmetology or to get my CNA license. I'm also interested in becoming a medic in the marines, then going to college for an Ultrasound Tech. And I work at Scottsburg Pizza hut as a CSR.

  • Maybe a thing you wouldn't really expect from me is I'm a gear head as they call them, in other words, I love cars, old cars more than newer. My favorite of all time, doesn't matter the year etc, is a Ford Mustang,