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Week 16 News from #AwesomeArmour

Highlights from Week 15

As we prepare our Grade 8's for the transition to secondary school we welcomed the TAS team to support:

Deep and thoughtful reflections about Indigenous Peoples and residential schools across our Intermediate classes:

We were so excited to welcome the community into our school for our Festive evening!

Highlights from the Festive Evening Showcase - check out the music and dance moments:

From the Office

December is a festive month with a number of celebration holiday concerts, sing-a-longs and dancing with Jimmy Chapman. There is so much excitement around the school as we head into the last week before the holiday - there will be door decorating and dress up days to add to the excitement too!

We were absolutely delighted to have an incredible number of you from our community join us this past Thursday for our Festive Evening Showcase. We will be reflecting on ways to best accommodate everyone in future years so that all attendees can be comfortable and enjoy the entire production! Our students worked very hard to prepare for the evening. Staff spent time with students designing an opportunity to showcase students’ strengths and interests while also stretching them a bit too. They took lots of risks and we are so proud! There were recess practices, connections to curriculum, light bulb moments of inspiration and lots of rehearsals. We know their performances made all hearts swell with pride!

One of the things that makes a production like this special is the way it requires teamwork. Whether students were on stage, part of the production or a full behind the scenes contributor- your talents and efforts really shone! A huge thank you is shared with staff for their dedication and time in attending the showcase. Your energy, commitment and belief in our children every day is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your personal time with us for this community event.

Lastly, thank you to families and friends for attending our showcase evening. We are delighted to have your support on such an occasion as it speaks to the incredible partnerships we have right here in our community – together, families, friends, students and staff are #AwesomeArmour.

Throughout this week we continue to welcome toy, food and cash donations up until the 20th to support families in need. Staff have indicated that while they are always grateful for special notes and gifts at this time of year, they ask families to consider making a monetary donation to our nutrition program in lieu of teacher gifts this year.

In November when the Progress Report went home and families were invited to meet with their child’s teacher. This relationship between the school and home is an important one, and research supports that it also significantly impacts student achievement. As you know, it is important to set specific goals with your child to help them focus on next steps for further progress. Upon our return in the New Year, we will be working hard with students to ensure they meet their goals for the completion of the first term. Families' efforts to maintain on-going communication with your child’s teacher is so appreciated and valuable! Please join us on Edsby to stay up to date and informed about opportunities are our school.

In closing, I wish every family a beautiful holiday. Your children are precious to all of us at Armour and we are sending them off this week with wishes of a restful, fun-filled and safe break as we anticipate the beginning of 2019! Take great care and we will look forward to seeing you on January 7th!

Warmest wishes,

Ms. McIlmoyle Parsons

Dates of Importance

December 17 - Ms. Thomson's class trip to Canadian Canoe Museum

December 18 - Festive PJ day!

December 19 - Jimmy Chapman

December 19 - Intermediate Mixed Volleyball team competes

December 20 - Intermediate Dance (last block)

December 21 - Festive Sweater Day!

December 21 - Holiday Sing Along 9:30 am

December 22-Jan. 6 - Winter Holidays

January 7 - Return to School

January 10 - Community Information Meeting @ King George gym 6:00 pm

January 16 - School Council @ 6:00 pm in library

January 14 - 17 - Mobile Code visits

Community Information Session - KG move to Ridpath for 2019/20 School Year

This past Friday, students were provided with a second letter and comprehensive Q&A regarding the King George transition to Ridpath in Lakefield for the 2019/20 school year. It is hoped that everyone in the Armour Heights community takes a moment to review the resources shared as this move will result in some developments for students at Armour Heights as well. Interested parents and guardians from the East City community are invited to attend a follow up information meeting on Thursday, January 10th at King George in the gym at 6:00 pm when there will be further discussions about planning to date, including the options that were considered for accommodating students from King George next year and other new questions and suggestions by parents. We will continue to share regular updates as they are available with our community and always welcome your questions at both our school office and through the website

School Council Notes

It's been a busy few weeks of volunteerism and organization. We are grateful for the support of those who have had the opportunity to be a part of our Tree, Wreath and Winter Decor Workshops, New to You sale, our Book Fair, and Under One Sun initiatives! Our community's enthusiastic participation in these opportunities has been rewarding and the result is the raising of funds that are shared with our student body to cover the costs of Jimmy Chapman and other enriching experiences both in and outside of our school. All this to say, "Thank you!"

We hope to see many people out at our meeting in January on the 16th @ 6 PM as we set our eyes forward to all that 2019 will bring! We hope you will join us and be a part of our next steps of support for our student body and community!

Happy Holidays!

"Share the Warmth" event continues

We are very fortunate to have a variety of donated children's winter apparel at our school. We share these donations with students as the need arises at school through the winter. At the turn of the season this year, we wanted to reach out to our community to let you know several gently used items are available should your child be in need of a new coat, snow pants or boots. This week we will continue to have a "Share the Warmth" table in the front lobby of the school and we encourage families in our community to come by, try on items and feel free to take needed items home to stay warm over the coming winter. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office.

Inclement Weather & Hot Lunch Information

Should buses be cancelled to Armour Heights on a Pizza Day, the pizza will be provided on the following day. Please note that should your child be absent on any regular pizza lunch day, you may call the school and request to pick up your child’s lunch. Lunches cannot be held over at the school due to health reasons.


STSCO Winter Newsletter Info

Winter is coming, and so might inclement weather! Please see the link below regarding bus/route cancellations, and other information that will be helpful to parents of students who ride the school bus. The STSCO website is the best place to go if you need up-to-date information or if you have questions about the bus.

Key Contacts

School Council Co -Chairs 2018 -19:

Chantelle Clarke

Andrea Plumley

Superintendent of Student Achievement:

Jack Nigro

(705) 742-9773 ext. 2061


Rose Kitney


Steve Russell