Panther Note

November 13, 2015

Week of the Leopard

The Taylor Family

Thank you for supporting the Taylor family and one another so well during a very trying week.

We expect Evan and Gavin back on Monday. Plans are in progress through this week with Emily (mom) and PLCs to determine how best to support the boys (make up concepts, social / emotional support in the coming months, communication and support with mom and for the family, et cetera).

Tough discussions were held with eighth grade boys about the grieving process and how to support personally and publicly. Staff embraced Gavin and the sixth grade through cards and how best to socialize and interact upon his return.

Virginia led the Sunshine Committee in making a donation to the Taylor Family fund in the boys' name.

Thank you to staff who covered so colleagues could attend the funeral and support the family directly.

You are very much appreciated.

Q2 - Goal One Work

November 17th is an early release date, FLEX date.

  • PAT time is scheduled
  • Flex options include: development of world class AFL (see below) or staff Thank You

The agenda will include:

1. Celebration of Independence (please bring your laptop)

--Be ready to reflect upon your practice and the insights shared from October's independence inservice , by sharing a celebration story from your classroom.

2. Five Keys of Effective AFLs

--We will engage in effective AFL discussion across curriculum and grade level.

--Time provided after whole group to develop a 'world class' AFL for an upcoming unit with content peers and over the weeks.

--AFL and a description of how the data is used to guide instruction to be shared with staff in December.

3. Three Tiered Lesson Planning Support will be coming on December 15th.

Leadership Team Agenda

  • Library Passes Review
  • PAT Sign Up
  • Communities that Care Survey
  • Title IX Survey
  • KAP results - how to utilize most effectively

Eighth Grade Update


-8th grade whole team picture will be taken on Nov. 17th-please bring your order forms and money (see science teachers for forms)

-CAPS field trip has been moved to Tuesday Nov. 24.

(Topics, AFLs, AOLs)

Social Studies: Start Unit 4: Imperialism and the Spanish American War


-Read chapters 5-8 in The Hobbit.

-Work on Vocab using context clues

-Visual Summaries 5-8


Integrated Algebra 8th Grade -

-Continuing work with linear functions.

-Target Zero - due Monday

Wade’s 2nd hr Math -

-Finishing work with rules of exponents

-Target Zero - due Monday

Algebra I

-Continuing work with analyzing data.

-Target Zero - due Monday


Students will be working on visual representations of ten measurable properties of matter and performing a labs regarding these properties.

Guided Study 8th Grade:

Students will utilize a learning styles inventory and brainstorm effective strategies in the classroom that will help learners of each style be more effective.

Seventh Grade Update

Social Studies: Chapter 5: West of the Mississippi River - continue to complete lessons in chapter. Study Guides will be reviewed Friday and our AOL for Chapters 4 and 5 is scheduled for Monday, November 23rd.


*Students have calendar with all due dates and upcoming topics.

Topics: Transitions in writing; Chapters 14-20 discussion and visual summaries; Begin work on Chapters 21-28.

AFLs: Ch. 14-20 Quiz on Monday.


Advanced Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic -We will be finishing the book, Stretching and Shrinking, during this week. We will be working on ratios to prove similarity and finding missing parts. An upcoming AOL will be following the completion of the book. Students will be given the date when that is determined along with Points to Guide Your Review..

Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic - We will continue with Investigation 3 in our book: Multiplication and Division of positive and negative rational numbers


Students are completing research on a human cell, bacteria, or virus of his/her own choosing. Articles are being highlighted and summaries of highlights are being put into NoodleTools. Ongoing review of cell parts at home will be helpful.

Guided Study 7th Grade:

Students will read and discuss an article on fear of failure. With too much fear of failure, kids are prone to play it safe and refuse to take healthy risks. We can enable kids to take healthy risks and embrace failure by:

1. Telling them we expect them to try new things and even fail along the way. It’s part of life’s journey.

2. Giving them safe projects or duties that are beyond their comfort level to let them “test their wings.”

3. Telling them stories of our past failures. They often mistakenly think successful people have gone from one success to the next with little failure.

Sixth Grade Coming to Newsletter on Friday!

Important Dates and Reminders

  • TCB is held Monday, Tuesday (except Early Release Days), Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:00 R the 6th grade computer lab. There is a late bus that will bring the students home on Wednesdays.

  • Early Release Day on Tuesday, November 17th

Course Briefings/AOLs for the upcoming week:



  • Unit Rates
  • Ratios
  • Equivalent ratios

  • AOL over Comparing Bits and Pieces Investigations 1 and 2 on Thurs, Nov. 19th


  • Integers
  • Absolute value
  • Graphing fractions and integers on the number line
  • Percents

  • AOL on Friday, November 20th over Comparing Bits and Pieces Investigation 3


  • Continue with Section 2 class novel, A Long Way from Chicago

  • Section 2 Work due Thursday

  • Roots and Stems Quiz #6; Memorize 23 Helping Verbs by Friday (Young only)


  • Finish up Inside Earth

  • Begin Chapter 11 (Changing Earth) over plate tectonics

Social Studies

  • Nile River 5 Paragraph MLA Informative Outline/Essay

Guided Study for Week of 11/16-11/20:

  • CNN Student News will be shown to introduce current events of the week.

  • Math Lesson to reinforce current topics in math

  • Binder/locker organization

  • Continue well-being lesson: Being Honest

  • Be Thankful Week Activities: Writing thank you notes to teachers/staff

Cell Phone Norms

Staff have expressed some need for alignment with cell phone usage by students.

Leadership will be reminding eighth grade students on Tuesday at lunch of concerns for a few students.

Please refer to the policy your grade level developed as well as the steps to take located in the handbook if students are outside of the expectations.

Hour Of Code Information Needed

Please complete Hour of Code information for Lisa Nocita asap.

Verify that I have the correct Guided Studies teacher, hour and A/B day. I need to schedule labs! Thank you!

Broadcast Team - November 16 - 24

Report to broadcast room at 12:55 pm daily

Early dismissal November 17 no broadcast

November 25-27 Thanksgiving break

Director /Sound Carter Phillips/Priyanka Kumar

Engineer Aidan Barash

PPT Technician Aidan Bergeman/*Stephanie Kontopanos (training)

Anchor Abby Gahagan

Anchor Gracie Zakeri

Special Reports Claire Bryl

CAPS Re Schedule - Tuesday, November 24 at 8:45

Espresso Bar - How cool is this?! - December 11th - Mark Your Calendar

The Nicely's plan to provide a ‘coffee day’ for Prairie Star Middle as a gift.

Espresso ah la cart is a mobile coffee service. Mr. Nepstad, the owner, will set up and serve coffee drinks for two hours for the staff.

Be Thankful Activities Posted - Guided Studies Guidance

REbeL will be hosting Be Thankful Week on November 16-20, the week before Thanksgiving Break. There will be a couplle activities we would like to incorporate into Guided Studies if at all possible:

Monday: Positive quote notes will be placed on lockers by the REbeL volunteers before school.

Tuesday: REbeL volunteers will pass out compliment candy to tables during lunch

Wednesday/Thursday: Bring down guided studies/guided discovery students to the library and take Whiteboard photos

Friday: Write teacher appreciation notes in GS/GD classes (directions and materials will be provided)

We hope to show our thankfulness especially during this week. Any other ideas are more than welcome!